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Brief Description

GTWorks™ is a comprehensive 3-D CAD/CAM system for design, documentation and manufacturing. All software applications share a common user interface, with easy-to-learn, on-screen menus, special function keys, and user-definable icon buttons. Applications are linked to a common database, eliminating the need for data reproduction, conversion and file maintenance.

The software provides a rich set of 2D and 3D modeling tools for creating geometrically accurate product design. Wireframe models are constructed from basic geometric elements such as points, lines, arcs, circles, conics, and splines (cubic, B-Spline, and NURBS). Models created using GTWorks™ are exact mathematical representations suitable for precise manufacturing and analysis.

Several options and features are designed to enhance and clarify the product image. Model elements (selected individually, or collectively by color, line, layer or region) can be blanked temporarily or removed from view to provide a simplified or unobstructed view. Models can be viewed in various sizes and orientations, or multiple views can be displayed simultaneously. Color, texture, shading and hidden line removal help to create a physically accurate portrait of a completed model.

Built-in drafting capabilities enable you to create production-quality engineering drawings for 2D needs, or form wireframe and surfaced models. Permanent associativity between the engineering drawing and the original 3D model assures that any change made to the model is incorporated automatically in all views of the engineering drawing. Drafting generates horizontal, vertical, parallel, angular, radius and diameter dimensions; up to 56 standard cross-hatching patterns; and text annotation in the form of notes, labels and balloons. GTWorks™ supports ANSI, ISO, DIN and JIS drafting standards and provides a supplemental library of commonly used fasteners and drafting symbols.

The professional edition adds provides several specialized functions, including flat pattern development, interactive nesting and numerical control programming.

GTWorks™ lends itself to easy and powerful customization using either C/C++ or Fortran. If you need assistance with customization, GrayTech is readily available to get you started or assume all aspects of the development effort.

Core GTWorks Engine Development

GTWorks™ is being separated into a core CAD engine and GUI. Currently the GTWorks™ viewer has been rewritten using this new framework. All menus, dialogs and interaction has been converted to a Windows style interface layer which calls the GTWorks engine as a DLL, GTW.dll. The GUI source code is available for free to all GTWorks users under support. Using Visual Studio 2008 or later, a client may alter or enhance the GTWorks viewer for their needs free of charge.

The GUI is being comverted to WPF (XML) and C#.

Product Details

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Advantages of GTWorks™ versus CAD X11®
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Screen Shots

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Sample screen shot (10 kb)

Demo Software

GrayTech Software, Inc. offers demonstration software for users to test drive this application.

File Size Description
GTWorksDemo.exe 11.1 MB Full production demo software for user testing with all saving and output deactivated. Runs on Windows 10, 8, and 7. For installation, see the demo guide.
gtwparts.exe 3.6 MB Sample parts.


File Size Description
gtwprod.exe 10.3 MB Latest shipping full version of GTWorks™ Standard and Professional software (release 14.2.0 599). Runs on Windows 10, 8, and 7.  This file was last updated Jan 14, 2018
GTWorksViewerInstaller.exe 3.6 MB New Windows interface viewer software for displaying and printing GTWorks™ parts and drawings (unprotected and runs on Windows 10, 8, and 7).  To run the software, proceed to the GTWorks Viewer program group and select "GTWorks Viewer". 4.7 MB Source code for the new Windows interface viewer software GUI. Core functionality is provide in the GTW.dll engine. Use VS2008 or later to edit and rebuild the viewer software.
gtw.exe 4.0 MB Point upgrade for GTWorks™ Standard and Professional (release 14.2.0 599).  You must first install gtwprod.exe, 14.2.0 599, before installing this update.  This file is currently not valid.
ai.exe 1.1 MB Latest Application Interface files and SEAL library (ai.exe to generate default aihooks.dll, third party applications, SEAL aihooks.dll and source files).
GTWviewer.exe 2.1 MB Viewer software for displaying and printing GTWorks™ parts and drawings (unprotected and runs on Windows 10, 8, and 7).  To run the software, proceed to the GTWorks program group and select "GTWorks Viewer".
GTWorksLM.exe 191 kb Floating License Manager files for Professional licenses.   The license broker is a small program that can reside on any workstation or server. For directions, see the Floating License Manager guide and the readme file contained in GTWorksLM.exe.
GTWorksNCPost.exe 240 kb General NC Postprocessor program for reading NC ASCII CL files and generating g codes, m codes, etc. On-line help is included.  Comes with GTWorks Professional.


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