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GTWorks™ Enhancements in year 2003

  1. A beta version of GTWorks with a Windows interface is now available for download and comments.  The targeted milestone is to make the first release useful for drafting purposes.  There is no completion date set at this time as there are thousands of menus to develop.  A majority of the menus listed in this early test program are complete.  The toolbars are dockable and you can drag icons from one toolbar to another or reposition them if you select Tools->Customize first.  Tool tips are on by default and you can choose small or large icons.  Status messages are displayed at the bottom of the screen.  The expected modals format can be seen by selecting Tools->Modals->Drafting.  Click on the bottom button for "Details" and then change the arrowhead type.  If you can't find a menu yet, press the M key and the normal GTWorks menus are displayed, but the cursor can disappear at times when these menus are on - January 16, 2003
  2. The mouse scroll wheel will now continuously zoom in or out when using the local pan and zoom mode <Ctrl G> (release 14.2.0 497) - January 17, 2003
  3. Filled arrowheads for annotation entities (dimensions, labels, etc.) are now supported and include triangles, circles and rectangles (release 14.2.0 499) - January 22, 2003
  4. The continuous line segment connection attribute in PDF output files has been adjusted to prevent characters such as W, V, A, etc. from having their strokes extending beyond the text alignment lines at the top and bottom of a line of text (release 14.2.0 500) - January 27, 2003
  5. A new modal, item number 83 in the file, controls the display of the "replot?" prompt in the Enhanced Plot II menu (menu 7.1).  A value of "0" prevents the prompt, a value of "1" (the default) displays the prompt (release 14.2.0 500) - January 27, 2003
  6. An error with zooming using Local Pan and Zoom (Ctrl G ) has been corrected.   The problem was introduced with release 14.2.0 497 and affected screen position of horizontal lines and displays not matching selected zoom areas (zoom box) (release 14.2.0 502) - March 1, 2003
  7. Fixed Line Fillets now supports the Undo function (release 14.2.0 506) - April 30, 2003
  8. The Arc/Circle/Fillet on-line help has been updated (release 14.2.0 506) - April 30, 2003
  9. The Arc/Circle/Fillet menu wording has been adjusted slightly and matches the on-line help (release 14.2.0 506) - April 30, 2003
  10. For PDF formatted output files, the PDF line weight for data with assigned raster weight 1 is now consistent.  Previously some data was one-third the width of other data (release 14.2.0 507) - May 20, 2003
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