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  • You choose Professional Software Engineering when you hire GrayTech to team up with you and your staff, and utilize our software engineering skills for Windows or .NET applications.

Areas we can assist with are graphical Desktop Applications developed with Visual Studio, .NET Web Applications and mixed Fortran/C++ Applications

  • For our own CAD software, choose from two systems we proudly develop and market :

GTWorks™ - excellent 2-D, 3-D wireframe and surface modeling, GTWorks™ OpenGL rendering, Numerical Control machining,   . . .


GTWorks™ Engine - is the core engine of GTWorks™, provided with example GUIs for Visual Studio development. Currently the GTWorks™ viewer has been rewritten using this new framework. All menus, dialogs and interaction has been converted to a Windows style interface layer which calls the GTWorks engine as a DLL, GTW.dll. Using Visual Studio 2008 or later, a client may create their own CAD based software or internal use or sale.

CAD X11® - general drafting, surface modeling, and output formats DXF, IGES, PDF, Gerber Photo, CGM, . .

Developing NEW Software For You. . .gtw_shaded_fan.gif (37087 bytes)

For the past twenty years, GrayTech has been creating unique and specialized software solutions for numerous companies in manufacturing, graphics and home computing.

The development tools and systems GrayTech has experience with include Microsoft Visual Studio, C/C++, VB and/or Fortran and incorporating a database when appropriate (MySQL, MS SQL Server, Access, Excel, . . .)

Some of the company's successful development projects include:

  • 3D Strongware closet design software for Organized Living (
  • PhotoKit, PhotoKit Sharpener, and PhotoKit Color, Photoshop plug-ins, for Pixel Genius (
  • Genelines for Graytron, Inc. (
  • IntelliPost and NicamIV for Software Magic, Inc. (
  • Condenser and Evaporator Select for Frick Company
  • Pick-A-Pack for Fenner Fluid Power
  • AFTERPS for the US Air Force
  • Rock-Crusher for Svedala
  • AutoFAB for CAM Systems
  • BIRC for the Brain Injury Association
  • Parthenon strategic planning software for the McKenzie Group.

Supporting YourLegacy Software

A historical specialty at GrayTech assuming support of legacy software. Examples include manufacturing software, CAD software, C++ or Fortran programs and Web application software. GrayTech has also purchased legacy systems, depending on what the owner wants to do with the software.

For Cad, Start With CAD X11® FREE

CAD X11® FREE is a great tool for 2D drafting and basic wireframe and surface modeling.   All drafting features of CAD X11® Professional are supported making this free version a production class CAD tool for small drawings for any company.  This software can be completely standalone supporting several drafting standards, files up to 200 kb in size and outputting the results onto Windows based printers or into PDF files.  Or, CAD X11® FREE can be intermixed with other CAD software by importing data via the DXF CAD communication format. 

This is truly a free program, no time limits and it can be used for commercial purposes.

Go to the CAD X11® FREE product page to download the latest version.

Upgrade To CAD X11® Pro

For $29.95 upgrade from the free version to CAD X11® Professional with Lifetime Support. With the professional version, you have 1024 layers versus 1, up to 50 MB files versus 0.2 (0.2 can handle B and some C size drawings), DXF export, IGES support, Auto Save, Geometric Analysis, the Architectural Wall function, Surface OpenGL and Direct3D shading and numerous special data exchange formats.

Or Select - GTWorks Lite For Complex 3D Surface Modeling

For $50 ($40 for CAD X11 Pro users), select GTWorks Lite with Lifetime Support for extensive 3D model building, additional complex surface types, NURBS curves and surfaces, surface trimming, OpenGL and Direct3D rendering, IGES surface support, surface geometric analysis and up to 8 multiple/editable views.

Or Choose Our Most Powerful - GTWorks Professional

GTWorks™ is our most powerful 3-D CAD/CAM system, with 5 times more functionality than CAD X11®, for use in design, drafting and manufacturing.

GTWorks™ includes concentrated functionality for a variety of design and manufacturing operations, including flat pattern development, interactive nesting and numerical control programming (up to 5-axis milling, lathe, punching, flame cutting and wire EDM).

The user interface is unique, originally developed for Unix, allowing for keyboard shortcuts, mouse shortcuts, 200 plus customized buttons, user macros, keystroke logs, batch processing and development of your own functions in C/C++.

Or Develop Your Own Desktop Application Software

The GTWorks™ library/dll is designed to be a base CAD system for you to create and sell you own CAD based applications w/o requiring your client to purchase an expensive base CAD system as a prerequisite. The GTWorks library is the core of our commercial GTWorks system and is being used to produce a Windows style GUI. As this project proceeds, licensees of the GTWorks library will be provided with the same GUI source code that GrayTech is using for this commercial application.

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