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GrayTech offers the efficiency and knowledge of an experienced development staff to assist clients with development of custom application(s) using Microsoft Visual Studio, C/C++, VB and/or Fortran and incorporating a database when appropriate (MySQL, MS SQL Server, Access, Excel, . . .). GrayTech develops new applications for clients, or assists with a previous project to update it or port from one platform to another. At any time clients can take over the development process internally. References are available upon request.

Sample screen shot (5 kb)New Windows Program Example

A client may have formulated an idea for either a small or large Windows program that will make the company's marketing force and manufacturer's representative more effective in presenting a product line to potential end users. The client may have all the product specifications in catalogues. All of the products are already drawn in a CAD system, which is capable of outputting DXF files. Now, it seems obvious that this information could be easier to provide customers. This is a great example of where GrayTech can provide valuable service.
GrayTech can develop this idea into a sales tool that could select a set of client products available that meet specified design criteria, produce a quotation, display the solution on the computer screen from the client’s CAD data -- in plan, elevation and possibly isometric exploded view, -- display a service parts list, and print all of the information to a printer/plotter. The program would belong to the client for distribution, and it most likely would not require any prerequisite software (word processing, spreadsheet, database, CAD, etc.).

Sample screen shot (6 kb)Porting UNIX/X Windows Programs To Windows

Clients who have Unix programs written in C or Fortran and X Windows find that GrayTech can port these programs to Windows quite easily. The program(s) source code can remain in C or Fortran, or be ported to C/C++. All menu graphics would be converted to MFC. The client specifies whether the user interface remains unchanged or will be converted to the Windows format.

Updating Existing Windows Programs

Perhaps a client has an existing Windows program written in Visual C/C++ or Visual Basic and in-house programmers are no longer available to refine or update the software. GrayTech can assist by adding improvements, using the most recent Windows features for Windows interaction, and/or making any necessary changes for Windows 7, 8 or 10. GrayTech can add install and uninstall features as well.

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