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GTWorks Eagle Macro Language


With Eagle macros, users of GrayTech's mechanical design and manufacturing software can design graphics programs to meet the specific needs of a particular application. Eagle is a high-level graphics programming language for GTWorks. It combines Pascal-like syntax and constructs with convenient graphics instructions for accessing functions GTWorks. Eagle provides flexible techniques to accommodate various engineering design, analysis, and documentation requirements.


Eagle programs are stored as ASCII text files in the system computer, so the full editing capability of the operating system can be used. Programs can be created and debugged on any 486 or higher computer, thus freeing the main CAD stations from programming tasks. And debugging is easy because of the diagnostic capability of the Eagle compiler. The compiler provides descriptive error and warning messages along with their respective source locations.

Eagle programs can be made interactive so that user-defined menus can prompt for user input during the execution of programs. In addition to the arithmetic operations, subprogram usage, and IF-THEN-ELSE decision capability of the Eagle language, users have full access to GTWorks functions. Eagle programs can access and execute the geometric construction, display management, drafting, and analysis functions of GTWorks. These function include the ability to retrieve existing graphics files and process related information. For example, bills of material can be extracted or finite element models and numerical control tool paths can be created. With these capabilities, Eagle provides total versatility for custom applications programming.


  • Eagle contains Pascal-like syntax and constructs
  • Eagle users without prior programming experience can easily learn an operative subset of the language, while more sophisticated users can exercise the high-level functionality of Eagle
  • Eagle source programs are ASCII text files residing in the computer's operating system; these text files can be manipulated with the system editor of your choice
  • The Eagle compiler has thorough diagnostic capabilities to enhance the debugging process
  • Eagle programs can be executed in an interactive mode to allow online user input
  • Eagle programs have access to a full range of functions in GTWorks
  • Eagle provides an interpreter that avoids linking the programs directly to GTWorks


  • Reduces training time for users who are already familiar with Pascal
  • Can be easily used by personnel with all levels of programming experience
  • Reduces the time required to develop new applications programs and provides a convenient means of communicating with GTWorks
  • Makes program debugging easier, resulting in less time to implement new Eagle programs
  • Enhances program versatility and eliminates duplication of programming efforts
  • Provides extensive applications programming versatility
  • Regardless of their location, all system users can access Eagle programs from a central, controlled library


The Eagle programming language is a powerful and versatile tool which allows users to easily create graphics-compatible applications programs. Eagle programs can be written to meet the specific needs of the user's design, analysis, documentation and manufacturing requirements, and can be easily modified to meet future requirements.

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