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Flow Gradient Dynamics

A program that simulates a water distribution system using sophisticated hydraulic transient analysis is nearly ready for sale. The engineer responsible for the 'engine' in the program is Mr. Frank DeFazio, recognized throughout the world for his expertise and experience in the field of hydraulic transients for the past 40 years. Mr. Defazio's approach to simulating hydraulic transients catches critical conditions many other programs on the market miss.

GTWorks Library

A Library version of our most powerful CAD/CAM system GTWorks is contiunually being development. This Library is being designed such that other developers can have a CAD/CAM system base on which to build and market their own applications. Most of the GTWorks functionality will be included as well as other features from CAD X11. Sample User Interfaces using Visual Studio is provided

The library is licensed for a one time fee of $5000 with no royalties due with distribution of programs that utilize the library. Annual support will be offered as well as GrayTech assistance to develop user applications. The future Windows Interface version of GTWorks is being based on this library.

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