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GTWorks™ Detailed Product Description

Using GTWorks | System Features | Surface and Wireframe Modeling

Image Visualization | Geometric and Volume Analysis

Drafting and Drawing Production | Programming Tools and Customization


GTWorks is a comprehensive, 3-D CAD/CAM system for use in design, documentation and manufacturing. All GTWorks application modules share a common user interface, with easy-to-learn, on-screen menus, special function keys, and user-definable icon buttons. Application modules use a common database, eliminating any need for file conversions and maintenance. With GTWorks, information flows freely and effortlessly between departments and functions, improving product quality and reducing overall turnaround time.


GTWorks provides a rich set of 2-D and 3-D modeling tools for creating geometrically accurate product design. Wireframe models are constructed from basic geometric elements such as points, lines, arcs, circles, and fillets; splines; B-splines; and conic sections. Models created using GTWorks are exact mathematical representations suitable for precise manufacturing and analysis.


GTWorks contains powerful model manipulation and editing features designed to expedite the modeling process. Model elements can be duplicated, rotated, translated, grouped or combined into a geometric array, as well as temporarily or permanently segmented by level, color, or line font. Special features permit modification of designs through trimming, stretching and compression of lines and figures.


GTWorks provides an array of options and features designed to enhance and clarify the product image. Model elements (selected individually, or collectively by color, line, level or region) can be blanked temporarily or removed from view to provide a simplified or unobstructed view. Models can be viewed in various sizes and orientations, or multiple views can be displayed simultaneously. Color, texture, shading and hidden line removal help to create a physically accurate portrait of a completed model.


GTWorks calculates 2-D and 3-D mechanical properties quickly from information inherent in the product model. From a 2-D wireframe model, GTWorks will provide information on area, perimeter, center of gravity, first and second moments of inertia, polar moment of inertia and radius of gyration. From fully surfaced models, it will provide surface area, volume, mass, center of mass, and products and principal moments of inertia. An on-screen calculator enables you to combine properties of assembly components or to compute properties about different origins or axes.


GTWorks drawing capabilities enable you to create production-quality engineering drawings from wireframe or surfaced models. Permanent associativity between the engineering drawing and the original model assures that any change made to the model is incorporated automatically in all views of the engineering drawing. The drafting functions generate horizontal, vertical, parallel, angular, radius and diameter dimensions; up to 56 standard crosshatching patterns; and text annotation in the form of notes, labels and single or split balloons. GTWorks supports ANSI, ISO, and DIN drafting standards and provides a supplemental library of geometric tolerancing and surface finish symbols.


GTWorks provides software options for several design and manufacturing operations, including flat pattern development, interactive nesting and numerical control programming. All applications incorporate the GTWorks user interface and integrated database.


GTWorks provides powerful programming tools for creating custom applications and routines. GrayTech's Application Interface for C/C++ or Fortran programming (AI) and Eagle macro language enable you to produce models, drawings and numerical control data automatically from parameter lists or databases located on remote computer systems. Repetitive operations can be fully automated and lengthy routines can be deferred for completion in batch mode. Family-of-parts data, which once took days to generate, can be produced in minutes.


GTWorks includes support for standard interfaces IGES, DXF, VDA and CALS.

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