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GTWorks Applications Interface


The Applications Interface allows C/C++ or Fortran application programs to be integrated easily into GTWorks. This interface is more advanced than Eagle macros and provides you with similar code as GrayTech's own software engineers use for adding new functionality. This interface supplies easy-to-use software routines through which GrayTech's customers can access the graphics software and interface it with C/C++ and Fortran programs. CAD/CAM programming is simplified because the Applications Interface eliminates the need to have a thorough knowledge of the internal GTWorks structure.


The Applications Interface allows you to:

  • Develop your own programs
  • Integrate third party software
  • Utilize existing C/C++ or Fortran programs
  • Automate standardized design and manufacturing processes
  • Create family of parts programming


  • Is totally integrated within GTWorks
  • Does not require knowledge of the internal mechanics or structure of GTWorks
  • Enhances basic graphics capabilities
  • Uses standard C and Fortran-77 formats
  • Allows you to: create menus; select viewing angle; retrieve, add, delete or modify geometric entities; define graphic default values, thus eliminating repetitious keyboard entries; obtain or input specific entity information


  • Increases productivity
  • Increases ability to use third-party software
  • Offers flexibility for custom tailoring of applications software
  • Protects your software investment by allowing the use of existing C/C++ and Fortran programs
  • Offers a wide range of input options


With GrayTech's Application Interface you can achieve dramatic productivity increases by combining tailored application software with the power of GrayTech's advanced mechanical design and manufacturing graphics software.

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