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You will be making a difference,

by choosing to use this CAD X11® Free software, for yourself and for all our users. Whether you use this Free version or the Pro version, you will be part of the user base GrayTech relies on to achieve our goal of assisting the most people and organizations possible with their drafting and modeling needs. Please feel free to tell all your friends and associates about the availability of this free software, and the Pro version!

Brief Description

CAD X11® Free is a general CAD system ideally suited for drafting (strengths in mechanical drafting) and light wireframe and surfacing modeling on Windows 7, Vista, or XP.

Standard features

CAD X11® Free include 3-D wireframe modeling, surfacing, DXF import, 2-D drafting with ANSI, ISO and JIS dimensioning, geometric tolerancing, TrueType Font support, undo/redo, dynamic rotations, multiple views, data verification, geometric analysis, crosshatching, Windows printer support and PDF output.

Access and Support

Access to the free version is only provided via our Web site.  If you have any difficulties or questions getting the software installed and running, please send email to .  Phone call support is not offered with the free version.

You can make a special contribution to our development team right now,

by choosing CAD X11® Professional for the current price of $29.95 with Lifetime Support. With the Pro version, you have 1024 layers versus 1, up to 50 MB files versus 200 kb (200 kb can handle B and some C Size drawings), DXF export, IGES support, Auto Save, Geometric Analysis, the Architectural Wall function, Surface OpenGL and Direct3D shading and numerous special data exchange formats.

Orders may be paid by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX or PayPal (PayPal is our shopping cart).

Product Details

Features of CAD X11 FREE
Features of CAD X11 Professional Version

FREE Software

File Size Description
CADX11Free.exe 3.0 MB Latest shipping update of the FREE CAD X11 production software for Intel and compatible hardware (release 4.0.245). Runs on Windows 7, Vista and XP. This file was last updated Mar 5, 2012

Demo Software of Professional Version

GrayTech Software, Inc. offers demonstration software for users to test drive our Professional version.

File Size Description
CADX11Demo.exe 3.3 MB Full production CAD X11® demo software for user testing with all saving and output deactivated. Runs on Windows 7, Vista and XP. For installation, see the demo guide. This file was last updated July 3, 2012
x11data.exe 0.4 MB Sample drawings. This file was last updated September 14, 2006
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