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CAD X11® Demo Software Guide
for Windows 7, Vista, XP and 2000


The CAD X11® demo software is designed to give a first-hand look at and feel for how the software operates, the ease of use and flexibility of the software, and the types of drawings and 3-D geometry that can be created. It is intended for viewing purposes only, and is not for production use.

If you have any difficulty either installing or running this demonstration copy of CAD X11®, please contact GrayTech Software's Technical Support Department by email.


The CAD X11® demo software is easily installed using the Windows setup utility. The installation process creates a separate directory (C:\Program Files\GrayTech\CAD  X11\ by default) for the CAD X11® files.

First download the self-expanding installation program CADX11Demo.exe. Next, double click on this program from Windows Explorer. This will invoke the setup program which will prompt you for the information required to load the software.


To activate the software, select the CAD X11 icon from the GrayTech Demo Version program group. See the README file for basic definitions of the mouse buttons, keyboard function keys and the on-line calculator. On-line HELP can be chosen once the software is activated. Sample drawings are provided. Drawings ‘assembl’ and ‘fixture’ can be shaded by selecting ‘shading’ from the Tools menu.

We have not converted the help to .chm format for Vista or Windows 7. If you are running one of these operating systems, you will need to download the Winhlp32.exe program to enable CAD X11 help to work.

For Vista:

For Windows 7:

New users: The most common confusion when learning the software is when you quickly encounter one of two possible messages: "Object not found in crosshair range" or "There are no entities displayed ...". When you see the message at the lower left, "Select ...", then some data must already exist on the drawing for that function. Try the first two options under Point, Line or Arc to get some data defined and then proceed again with other functions. Once you understand that a majority of functions are designed to reference the current drawing as it is being created, then you will become more efficient in creating and editing your work.

Saving and all output capabilities are deactivated in the demo software.

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