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CAD X11® Enhancements in year 2002

  1. The detection of the Network Card Ethernet Address for CAD X11 has been improved and should work in most cases when NetBEUI is not loaded (release 3.3.100) - February 18, 2002
  2. A new arc function, Polar From Arc, has been added as menu 11.16 (release 3.3.100) - February 18, 2002
  3. The grid dots no longer appear as "teardrops" (release 3.3.104) - March 19, 2002
  4. The prior text editing menu for the Common Interface has been reactivated as menu 16.19 (release 3.3.106) - April 6, 2002
  5. A BAD PTR error when reading DXF files that contained large text strings has been corrected (release 3.3.107) - April 10, 2002
  6. The name of the drawing in the window banner is now correct after using the "save as" function in the Windows Interface.  The drawing file extension (.dwg) is also added to the window banner using the Common Interface (release 3.3.109) - April 22, 2002
  7. Attempting to open an unrecognized 4.0 formatted drawing file when using CAD X11 version 3.3 with the Windows Interface with not lock up the system  (release 3.3.111) - April 29, 2002
  8. A problem with opening a drawing where a sheet number is part of the drawing name when using CAD X11 with the Windows Interface (e.g. drawingname_224.dwg) has been corrected (release 3.3.112) - May 2, 2002
  9. The FREE version was posted (release 4.0.114) - May 2, 2002
  10. Version 4.0 of CAD X11 is now posted.  This new version can read all previous CAD X11 drawing files and save them in the new 4.0 format.  Previous releases of CAD X11 cannot read Version 4.0 formatted files.  Version 4.0 will support up to 1 million entities, possibly exceeding 50 MB in size for one drawing.  Also, a Direct3D based surface model viewer (from our own GTWorks CAD/CAM system) is now provided and activated under menu 7.17.  An OpenGL based surface model viewer (from our own GTWorks CAD/CAM system) is now provided and activated under menu 7.18.  (release 4.0.116) - May 7, 2002
  11. The on-screen geometry is now updated as expected when turning off the view vectors and changing from one view display of viewers to all views or vice versa (release 4.0.116) - May 7, 2002
  12. The viewer has been updated in the Version 4.0 update (release 4.0.116) - May 7, 2002
  13. A database error when reloading a drawing that contained a Curve Mesh Surface (Sculptured Surface) has been corrected (release 4.0.116) - May 7, 2002
  14. A problem will importing a DXF file with a very large number of block entities (11 MB file submitted by a client) has been corrected (release 4.0.117) - May 15, 2002
  15. Double slashes in DXF text strings (//) are now handled properly (release 4.0.117) - May 15, 2002
  16. The autosave function will no longer cause a "debug assertion" message to appear when the drawing name (using the Windows Interface) is not yet defined by the user (release 4.0.117) - May 15, 2002
  17. A system "lock-up" will no longer occur when defining a group by choosing the entities individually (release 4.0.117) - May 15, 2002
  18. Deleting a group and its member entities will no longer crash the system (release 4.0.117) - May 15, 2002
  19. The status bar at the bottom of the screen (using the Windows Interface) is more responsive when importing./exporting DXF or IGES files (release 4.0.117) - May 15, 2002
  20. Using the Common Interface and listing the directories available when seeking to open a new drawing, the dates of last modification to the listed directories was incorrect.   This has been corrected (release 4.0.119) - July 9, 2002
  21. A problem with the display of dotted lines has been corrected - August 5, 2002
  22. The software version number is now display in the title bar (release 4.0.120) - August 16, 2002
  23. A rare problem with creating PDF files when a drawing contained a zero length line has been corrected (release 4.0.121) - August 22, 2002
  24. The entity selection limit under entity manipulation (menus 13.5-13.8 or translation and rotation w/ or w/o duplication) has been increased from 20k to 100k (release 4.0.122) - August 22, 2002
  25. The -nodisplay option of running CAD X11 with the Common Interface now works with Version 4.0 (release 4.0.123) - August 22, 2002
  26. A problem with attempting to retrieve a damaged drawing file has been corrected (release 4.0.124) - August 31, 2002
  27. An infrequent database error when using implicit points (CTRL I) has been corrected (release 4.0.125) - September 18, 2002
  28. When creating PDF formatted output files from a CAD X11 drawing, you can now choose to have the entity pen numbers generate the line weights in the PDF file.  The default line weights can be preset in file pdf.mlf in the CADHOME folder.  This line weight table can be adjusted as necessary just before the PDF file is generated (release 4.0.127) - November 18, 2002
  29. When plotting a drawing to a Windows supported printer (Common or Windows Interface), the default line weights are now read from file plt.mlf in the CADHOME folder (release 4.0.127) - November 18, 2002
  30. When generating a Gerber Photo formatted file from a CAD X11 drawing, the default line weights (for geometry not defined with decimal weight widths) are now read from file gbr.mlf in the CADHOME folder (release 4.0.127) - November 18, 2002
  31. When generating a Gerber Photo formatted file from a CAD X11 drawing, all 16 pens of the system are now supported (release 4.0.127) - November 18, 2002
  32. An error with the Common Interface when using the "-w" option for opening and saving drawing files (the autosave box popped up immediately after opening an existing drawing) has been corrected (release 4.0.129) - December 10, 2002
  33. An infrequent error that occurs when a drawing is retrieved and the software prompts you immediately for a Macro Directory has been corrected (release 4.0.131) - December 26, 2002
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