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CAD X11® Enhancements in year 2000

  1. A problem with installing CAD X11 on partitions with large free space has been corrected (revision 3.2.37) - January 5, 2000
  2. A problem with the CAD X11 password editor in this year 2000 has been corrected (revision 3.2.37) - January 5, 2000
  3. The capability to directly read Point Line 2D drawing files has been added under the File->Import function for the Windows interface and menu 7.18 for the Common Interface.  All dimensions and panopolies are disassociated (revision 3.2.40) - January 9, 2000
  4. The inability to read import HPGL formatted files using the Windows Interface has been corrected (revision 3.2.40) - January 9, 2000
  5. CAD X11 can now be locked directly to the MAC address of your computer (Ethernet or network card) without using the Cadnetman License Manager.  If you have had difficulty with the Cadnetman program and do not need a floating license, then this solution is for you.  When you install this update, choose 'Ethernet' on the fourth screen.  On the fifth screen, the MAC address of your computer will be displayed.   Contact GrayTech with this number and a 24 character password will be provided to you by email or given to you over the phone.  If you need to stay with the floating license, then continue to use Cadnetman until it is replaced by a more robust license manager in the next few months (release 3.2.43) - January 20, 2000
  6. Support for the old style parallel port key (dongle) has been discontinued with this release (keys whose labels do not start with the characters GT).  If you have one of these keys, then contact GrayTech for a free replacement (release 3.2.43) - January 20, 2000
  7. The line menu has been restructured for the addition of 3 new functions.  The four Tangent to Curve options have been combined into one selection with a sub-choice for these four options.  The infinite line options has been moved up.  The new menu option 'Multiple Parallel Lines' is listed but is not yet functional (release 3.2.43) - January 20, 2000
  8. A new 'Break Line' function has been added for details in your drawing where the overall length between details is not prudent to display to scale (release 3.2.43) - January 20, 2000
  9. A new printer/plotter option has been added to the Common Interface.  Menu 7.1.5 allows you to print directly to a Windows supported printer/plotter without any intermediate files that require one of the separate plotting programs  (release 3.2.43) - January 20, 2000
  10. A fatal error has been corrected which occurred when selecting the Option button when using the new printer/plotter option (menu 7.1.5) for the Common Interface (release 3.2.45) - February 29, 2000
  11. A fatal error has been corrected which occurred when canceling the plot option dialog box which appears when exporting a plot file (*.plt) under the Windows Interface (release 3.2.45) - February 29, 2000
  12. A check has been implemented when retrieving a drawing to see if data pointers or entity type numbers are out of range.  This purpose of this check is to attempt to recover damaged drawings that produce the BAD PTR message immediately upon accessing the drawing file.  A message is displayed to direct the user to make a pattern of whatever data is displayed on the screen and then send the damaged file to GrayTech for analysis.  This analysis could lead to further capability for CAD X11 to recover damaged files and correction of the cause of the damage (release 3.2.47) - March 2, 2000
  13. The DXF translator has been modified to output the correct DXF codes for degree symbols, plus-minus symbols and diameter symbols (release 3.2.49) - March 21, 2000
  14. When you use a rotation menu, 13.6 or 13.8, to mirror arcs 180 degrees about a line (an equivalent method to the mirror function - menu 13.4), the internally calculated rotation matrix will no longer  include minor trigonometry approximations which has been leading to very small numbers in view entities in IGES files, etc.  For example, the sine of 180 degrees (pi) is not zero on a computer but some small number.  This condition can be detected along the principal views, and CAD X11 now does this (release 3.2.49) - March 21, 2000
  15. When a 3D rotation of an arc ends in a coplanar view to the starting view of definition, the arc is adjusted to use the original view.  This improvement (along with the enhancement above) eliminates the unnecessary propagation of auxiliary views which are essentially coplanar with view 1 (release 3.2.49) - March 21, 2000
  16. When an arc is chosen for mirroring, CAD X11 will rotate the arc (fillet) if the view of definition is coplanar with the work view (release 3.2.49) - March 21, 2000
  17. The DXF translator function (menu 7.12 or File->Import/Export) has been significantly updated.  Text justification support has been improved, fixed spaced fonts are now output as monotxt, text character ratios are now maintained when outputting and inputting fixed spaced fonts, all text based entity output now supports all arrow types and basic dimensions, geometric tolerancing entities are now output, and previous crashes with balloon entities has been corrected.  Text based entity output is still exploded (release 3.2.53) - May 16, 2000
  18. A problem with running CAD X11 under Windows 2000 has been corrected.  The problem was due to the default environment path for the system temp variable "temp" being more than 32 characters (release 3.2.55) - June 23, 2000
  19. A problem with creating IGES files under Windows 2000 has been corrected (release 3.2.56) - July 2, 2000
  20. DXF entity MTEXT is now supported when reading DXF files (release 3.2.57) - July 7, 2000
  21. DXF entity LWPOLYLINE is now supported when reading DXF files (release 3.2.57) - July 7, 2000
  22. Improvements have been made for importing DXF dimension entities (release 3.2.57) - July 7, 2000
  23. CAD X11 Helvetica filled fonts are now displayed using both the filled area and an outline for improved readability on the computer display (release 3.2.57) - July 7, 2000
  24. A fatal error with reloading drawings has been corrected (release 3.2.58) - August 7, 2000
  25. The number of pens supported has been increased from 8 to 16.  Because of this, the minor revision number has been changed from 2 to 3 in the product release numbers (release 3.3.59) - September 11, 2000
  26. The netplot mechanism has been modified to use any Windows protocol, not jut NetBEUI (release 3.3.59) - September 11, 2000
  27. The limitation of only loading TrueType fonts of 36 character names or less has been removed (release 3.3.59) - September 11, 2000
  28. Mirroring of arcs now works correctly when the original view is different than the target view (release 3.3.63) - September 22, 2000
  29. When using CAD X11 in Windows Interface mode, the software will now start and display the toolbars and modal banner immediately even though the last designed session was closed with the CAD X11 window maximized on the screen (release 3.3.63) - September 22, 2000
  30. A new option has been added to the printer/plotter output function (menu 7.1 or File->Export->.plt) to control the order of entity output by pen number.  This is important for output of Solid Filled Crosshatching.  The user can output all the Solid Crosshatching entities at the beginning of the plot, end or by pen number.   This allows the user to control the order of Solid Fills for the desired layering effect on the hardcopy  (release 3.3.63) - September 22, 2000
  31. A problem consisting of duplicate drawing entity sequence numbers that cause trouble with the Undo/Redo and Reload functions has been corrected.  Past drawings are checked and corrected upon drawing retrieval (release 3.3.67) - October 2, 2000
  32. A problem with the percentage complete display when auto max-mining a drawing has been corrected.  This problem was introduced on or about September 22, 2000 (release 3.3.67) - October 2, 2000
  33. The cause of an infrequent BAD PTR message when using the Select & Edit function to modify entity colors, etc. has been eliminated (release 3.3.67) - October 2, 2000
  34. The drivers for parallel port dongles have been updated (release 3.3.67) - October 2, 2000
  35. An infrequent program crash when plotting large drawings to HP printers, such as the HP1055CM, with menu 7.1.5 or the standard print/print-preview functions under the Windows Interface has been corrected (release 3.3.69) - October 5, 2000
  36. An improvement has been made to detect parallel lines that are very close together in the Z plane (0.00001) to prevent erroneous fillet (menu 11.9) generation  (release 3.3.70) - October 10, 2000
  37. A Windows file dialog box is now supported for opening and saving drawings when running CAD X11 with the common interface.  To activate this option, you must edit the icon properties of the CAD X11 Common Interface icon.  Change the target line to "c:\cadx11\cadx11.exe  -common  -w".  Similar support for the remaining file I/O will be implemented shortly (release 3.3.73) - December 15, 2000
  38. A Windows file dialog is now supported for changing the current default directory (menu 6.1.7) and all the plot/input/output functions (menu 7.0) (release 3.3.75) - December 22, 2000
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