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CAD X11® Enhancements since Release 3.1

  1. The Level Name Table can be output to an ASCII file on the computer system (menu 5.10.2).
  2. The Drawing Viewer program is no longer hooked to the Network License Manager and therefore can be used anywhere in the user network
  3. The DXF translator (menu 7.12) will read DXF arcs that are defined clockwise instead of the standard counterclockwise.
  4. The DXF translator (menu 7.12) has been enhanced to use text characteristics for individual dimensions instead of relying on global text characteristics.
  5. The DXF translator (menu 7.12) has been enhanced to process text strings that have the "fit" justification flag.
  6. The DXF translator (menu 7.12) has been enhanced to process a bulge flag at the last vertex of a linear string.
  7. The POINT function "Curve Normal From Point" (menu 9.12) has been enhanced with 3 additional choices. The new "Curve Normals" choices are; 1) On Entity, 2) Distance From A Curve, 3) From A Curve To A Curve, and 4) Crosshair Position On Curve.
  8. The LINE function "Join Two Points" (menu 10.3) and LINE function "Join Endpoints Of Two Entities" (menu 10.14) have been combined into LINE function "Join Two Entities" (menu 10.3).
  9. A new LINE function "Tangent To A Curve At An Angle" (menu 10.14) has been added.
  10. The LINE function "Infinite Status" (menu 10.19) has been modified to toggle a line entity between infinite and non-infinite mode.
  11. The ARC functions "Center Point And Tanto A Line" (menu 11.4), "Center Point and Tanto A Circle" (menu 11.5), and "Center Point And Point On Edge" (menu 11.6) have been combined and enhanced into ARC function "Center Point And Tangent Curve" (menu 11.4). The tangent curve can be a point, line, arc, ellipse or 2-D spline.
  12. The ARC function "Through Three Points" (menu 11.7 has been moved to menu 11.5.
  13. A new ARC function "Center Point And Two Edge Points" (menu 11.6) has been added.
  14. A new ARC function "Edge Point And Tangent Curve" (menu 11.7) has been added.
  15. The REJECT function key now works more logically in the spline function (menu 12.1)
  16. When defining a spline, the expected starting and ending angles for the beginning and end of the spline are displayed for verification and/or modification. Previously a "-1" was displayed to indicate that the software would use an angle corresponding to a 3-point arc through the first three points and the last three points respectively
  17. The DXF translator output have been modified to eliminate 2 extraneous bytes for each group 66 record. Some applications could not process the DXF files because of this, though ACAD could.
  18. The DXF translator has been modified to check for closed polylines on output and set a flag according to "closed". Previously all polylines where tagged as "open".
  19. A new Convert Curves function (menu 12.6.4) has been added for converting curves to point sets.
  20. An error when retrieving patterns with text notes defined in views above number 8 has been corrected.
  21. The installation of CAD X11 has been completed rewritten to avoid difficulties installing under Windows NT. Support for Windows 3.1 is discontinued - December 10, 1997
  22. Color changes of the crosshairs using enhanced color definitions within Windows (16, 24 and 32 bit color) has been eliminated - December 10, 1997
  23. A problem with activating the 2D section analysis when running the software with the Windows Interface has been corrected - December 10, 1997
  24. A problem with selecting points to define a new spline under the Windows NT operating system has been corrected - December 11, 1997
  25. Using the Windows interface, the stretch menu is now functional - April 9, 1998
  26. Using the Windows interface, the continuation options now display after translation, rotation, and duplication - April 9, 1998
  27. The maximum number of supported printer paper sizes has been increased from 50 to the number of sizes that the target printer offers - May 1, 1998
  28. A problem with starting CAD X11 because of faulty toolbar settings in the Windows registry (after a CAD X11 design session) has been corrected.  The cause of the problem was exiting the software by selecting the 'x' button in the upper right corner of the application window when the print preview window was being displayed.  New passwords from GrayTech will be required to run this update - May 11, 1998
  29. ARC/CIRCLE function Center Point and Tangent Curve (Menu 11.4) now supports points as the "curve" (concept of center point and point on an edge) - June 22, 1998
  30. The CAD X11 Viewer software, when loaded by itself on a PC, will register itself as the default application to use when double clicking on a drawing name (.dwg file) - August 17, 1998
  31. The DXF output function (menu 7.12.1 or menu File->Export) has been improved for processing of arcs and circles (release 3.2.7).  The function now supports 3D views where the view has been rotated about the normal axis to the 3D view plane (release 3.2.7) - October 2, 1998
  32. When using the Windows interface, the General Label function  now correctly responds to the user's choice of creating the label leader at the end of the text (release 3.2.7) - October 2, 1998
  33. For the Windows interface, the menus Point, Line, Arc and Curve have been updated to reflect the changes in these same menus under the Common Interface (release 3.2.7) - October 2, 1998
  34. The DXF input function (menu 7.12.2 or menu File->Import) has been improved when reading 3D arcs and circles.  The problem of "mirrored" arcs and circles about the x and y axis has been corrected - October 3, 1998
  35. The complete CAD X11 directory is now contained in file SolarisCadx11.Z (version 3.2.7) for Sun's Unix (Solaris) and is Year 2000 compliant - October 24, 1998
  36. The complete CAD X11 directory is now contained in file HPUXCadx11.Z for HP's Unix (HPUX) - February 11, 1999
  37. The CAD X11 software for HPUX has been updated to version 3.2.7 and is Year 2000 compliant - February 19, 1999
  38. File gerber_apertures is now the controlling Gerber aperture table for both reading and writing Gerber formatted files (revision 3.2.13) - March 25, 1999
  39. Starting CAD X11 in prompt mode now works correctly (set font, choice of user interface, etc.) (revision 3.2.20) - May 22, 1999
  40. The keylog recording and playback feature when starting CAD X11 in prompt mode is again supported (revision 3.2.20) - May 22, 1999
  41. The framework for on-line help when starting CAD X11 with the Windows interface is now in place.  Help for the Point Menu is complete.  Select the arrow-? button on the main tool bar and drag it to one of the choices under the point menu to see the available help.  Updates will be continually made and posted on the Web as other menus are completed (revision 3.2.20) - May 22, 1999
  42. Running CAD X11 in a non-graphics mode is now supported.  Start a Command Prompt and move to the cadx11 directory.  Enter in the command  "cadx11 -nodisplay" and the first menu will then display within the Command Prompt window.   This is useful for batch file processing where users can write their own scripts (if they have that knowledge) (revision 3.2.20) - May 22, 1999
  43. Access to the startup options when starting CAD X11 from a Command prompt can be displayed using the command "cadx11  /?" as well as "cadx11 -help" (revision 3.2.20) - May 22, 1999
  44. Entering in the command "cadx11 test 1" in a Command Prompt will again automatically load the file test_1.dwg as stated in the pop-up help for starting CAD X11 ("cadx11 -help") (revision 3.2.20) - May 22, 1999
  45. Arcs and Circles now locate properly in the current construction plane when building 3-D models (revision 3.2.25) - June 18, 1999
  46. An error with color printing (e.g. HP DeskJet 1120C) has been corrected (revision 3.2.25) - June 18, 1999
  47. Registration of the CAD X11 *.dwg file icon now works properly again (revision 3.2.28) - August 11, 1999
  48. Support for outputting Adobe Acrobat PDF files is now included under menu 7.19 in the Common Interface and under File->Export in the Windows Interface (revision 3.2.28) - August 11, 1999
  49. Entering numbers or ranges of numbers separated by commas is now supported for entity selection by individual levels, deleting by levels, and blanking/unblanking by pens or levels (revision 3.2.28) - August 11, 1999
  50. The CAD X11 software for Solaris has been updated to version 3.2.28 (PDF output support, entering ranges of numbers separated by commas for entity selection by individual levels, deleting by levels, and blanking/unblanking by pens or levels, the keylog recording and playback feature when starting CAD X11 in prompt mode is again supported, and Arcs and Circles now locate properly in the current construction plane when building 3-D models)  - August 19, 1999
  51. The Fillet menu (11.9) has been improved to support quick fillets, chain filleting and selection of the fillet entities in a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction (revision 3.2.31) - November 5, 1999
  52. The Chamfer menu (10.16) has been improved to support quick chamfers and chain chamfering (revision 3.2.31) - November 5, 1999
  53. Stray lines no longer occur when exporting files using the windows interface and choosing to select the area to output with a drag box (such as exporting plot files) (revision 3.2.31) - November 5, 1999
  54. PDF output files are now compressed (revision 3.2.31) - November 5, 1999
  55. PDF output now supports user selection of an origin and scale in addition to the choice of windowing to select the data to output (revision 3.2.31) - November 5, 1999
  56. A problem has been corrected when reading various macro files (revision 3.2.31) - November 5, 1999
  57. The DXF output now includes a layer table.  This enhancement enables these files to be input into MS Word (revision 3.2.33) - December 4, 1999
  58. Square end decimal weight lines now display up to the endpoint coordinate instead of one-half the line width past the end coordinate.  This matches the plotter output and the Unix versions of CAD  X11 (revision 3.2.36) - December 8, 1999
  59. Use of square and round end decimal weight lines in the Windows interface version of CAD X11 has been corrected and improved (revision 3.2.36) - December 8, 1999
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